Taking Advantage of Leadership Opportunities and Embracing a Circuitous Route to the Top

Robb Grantham is the steady hand steering the Rancho California Water District ship. On the Leadership Secrets Podcast, he shared his road to the top and how leaders need to embrace the journey. Here are highlights from our conversation:

The Mentorship Tree: Robb’s journey is a testament to the power of mentorship. He’s a firm believer that the leaders we become are shaped by the mentors who’ve nurtured us. It’s like a tree of knowledge, with each mentor a branch that supports and elevates us.

Embracing the Whirlwind: As a CEO, Robb faces the eye of the storm daily, balancing public health, safety, and community engagement. How does he keep his cool? We delve into the art of maintaining composure amidst chaos—a skill every leader should master.

The Road Less Traveled: Robb’s path to leadership was anything but straight. From his childhood dreams to his diverse educational background, he shows us that the road to success is often winding. Discover how embracing your unique journey can lead to unexpected and fulfilling destinations.

Leading by Example: Remember that one moment that defined your leadership style? Robb does. He shares a pivotal high school experience that taught him the value of encouragement and setting an example.

The First-Time Leader’s Dilemma: Stepping into a leadership role can be daunting. Robb gets real about the insecurities that come with the territory and the importance of giving yourself grace. He discusses how to navigate these challenges and emerge a stronger leader.

Building Leaders from Within: Robb’s not just about leading—he’s about creating leaders. We talk about the executive training program he’s implemented, focusing on leadership, finance, HR, and communications. Robb is empowering his team to rise up.

Making Values Actionable: It’s one thing to have a strategic plan, but another to bring it to life. Robb shares his approach to updating strategic plans and making values truly actionable. If you’re looking to align your team with your organization’s direction, Robb discusses this well.

A Page from Robb’s Book: Personal growth is a continuous journey. Robb lets us in on his secret sauce—reading leadership books, staying tech-savvy, and balancing it all with a love for the great outdoors. Plus, he drops his favorite book recommendation.

The Nice Guy Philosophy: In a lightning round of personal insights, Robb reveals his hobbies, his life philosophy, and the best advice he’s ever received. Spoiler alert: being a nice guy and a contributor goes a long way.

I’m beyond excited for you to join us on this enlightening ride. Your next leadership breakthrough could be just one podcast away. So, why wait? Tune in, soak up the wisdom, and let’s grow together!

And remember, I’m always here to chat, listen to your suggestions, or welcome potential guests you’d love to hear from. Drop me a line anytime at barry@barrymoline.com.

Stay curious and lead bravely.


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