10 Goal Setting Tips for Professionals in Business

Setting goals can be the catalyst propelling you forward in your career. Establishing clear and attainable goals is crucial for your development and success in business. Here are ten tips to help you set practical goals to guide your professional journey. 1. Begin with the End in Mind Start your goal-setting process by envisioning where […]

Dealing With an Insubordinate Employee

As a manager, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world: an employee who deliberately disobeys direction. The result is generally negative and can be seen as incorrect work…

Navigating the Future of Work

It can feel like we’re in a work time warp. So much has changed so quickly, and we’ve entered a new era of navigating the future of work expectations that will impact us for years. Depending on your perspective, some for better, some for worse.

Finding Peace Through Family Conflict During Holidays

It happens inevitably. We show up for a joyful holiday gathering with high expectations for family togetherness and giving thanks. Then someone brings up a dreaded word… Trump. Or Biden. How do we keep the peace with family members of a different political persuasion? Here’s how to avoid family conflict during holidays. 

4 Types of Communication to Encourage Organizational Productivity

Are you looking for more organizational productivity? Where do you think employees would be more productive: in an organization that spends time connecting employees and aligning their performance with the mission, or ones that do nothing to keep employees working together? The difference is dramatic. In a study by McKinsey & Company, 84 percent of […]

Talk to Strangers: An Unlikely Secret to Increased Happiness

We’ve been taught our whole lives to beware of strangers. It’s reasonable advice for a child, but as an adult, and particularly as a professional, we need to talk to strangers regularly.  Strangers become customers, partners and friends, and all sorts of people we do business with. The Research will Surprise You If you thought […]

5 Strategies for Effective Business Communication

Are you struggling with navigating the pandemic workplace? Business communication has become more difficult as we all try to figure out the future of our work environment. You’re probably part of a hybrid workplace. Some are working remotely, some splitting their time between a home office and the bricks-and-mortar business, some are back full time. […]