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Barry Moline has been bringing people together in the workplace for four decades. He calls it “Building Teamwork.” As the current Executive Director of the California Municipal Utilities Association, Barry knows the importance of synergy and diplomacy, and what can go wrong in their absence.

There is power in sharing our personal stories as a means of connection. From his volunteer work with U.S. Peace Corps in Guatemala to his leadership of associations, businesses, government, and non-profits, Barry has strived to solve the issues of communication stagnation, siloed information, unfounded assumptions and more by teaching his staff and his colleagues to relate to one another.

With a vast depth and breadth of experience working with the media, Barry is in a unique position to provide insight and commentary on topics ranging from inter-office politics to actual politics – and everything in between.
“When people get to know each other, they usually start to like each other, and then they want to get something done together. I encourage them to share personal stories, like where they grew up, how they got to their current position, or even talking about the ideas and events that have their attention these days. There’s no question that people can get a project done without knowing each other well. But if they take the time to first learn about each other, they will accomplish more, and accomplish it faster.”
Barry Moline
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