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Hi, I'm Barry Moline

America, we have a problem. There’s a gap in leadership and decline in civility that threatens our productivity and causes organizations to lose efficiency and money.

I help fix that by showing you and your people the secrets to building great teams and leaders. As a CEO for 25+ years, I’ve got the experience. I’ll inspire action so you can transform your organization, association, business, and the people you work with to perform at their highest level.
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Barry helps busy professionals eager to communicate better, and quickly create and lead effective teams.





          “Barry did a fantastic job of showing our engineers key interpersonal communications tools, while relating relevant anecdotes and examples. He also gave us many new actionable pointers for the team to improve their communications skills. His approach was easily digestible and relatable. I highly recommend Barry’s training for employees at all levels of social intelligence.”
          Scott Lindsey
          BKI Engineering

          Keynote and Speaking Topics

          Barry Moline is an expert in leadership and effective collaboration, and presents specific actions you can take to achieve the highest level of teamwork. He wants to share with you the results of his 25+ years experience as a CEO and 4 years of research for his book, Connect!


          Growing Your Leadership Skills

          Team Building

          The Secret To Building Great Teams


          Strategies To Get Along

          Barry Will Customize The Message To Your Event And People

          With a vast depth and breadth of experience working with thousands of people and organizations, Barry is in a unique position to provide commentary on topics ranging from inter-office politics to actual politics - and everything in between. He's easy to work with and will make your event memorable for all.
          "Fantastic presentation! I feel so positive after watching, and now have a list of actions to make life better."
          Sara, CalPERS
          Account Management

          News Media and Speaking Engagements

          “The workshop went extremely well and you did a fantastic job! It was very informative and engaging. Our staff got the opportunity to connect with each other and they look forward to starting implementing the tools they’ve learned today!”
          Association Representative

          Barry Selected to Forbes Business Council

          Barry is a member of the prestigious Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business leaders worldwide. He was selected by Forbes based on the depth and diversity of his experience, including decades of successful business operations, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors. As an expert on teamwork, management and leadership, Barry publishes regularly on Forbes.com.

          “Barry clearly illustrates how we can act immediately to cultivate better relationships
          in our work and in society.”
          John B.
          School Superintendent


          How would you like the people you work with to get along better, be more effective, accomplish more, and do it all faster?

          Barry Moline is an expert in leadership and effective collaboration, and in his book CONNECT!, presents specific actions you can take to achieve the highest level of teamwork. He wants to share with you the results of his 25+ years experience as a CEO and 4 years of research for his book.

          Barry's Blog

          5 Strategies for Effective Business Communication
          • September 17, 2021

          5 Strategies for Effective Business Communication

          Are you struggling with navigating the pandemic workplace? Business communication has become more difficult as we all try to figure out the future of our work environment. You’re probably part of a hybrid workplace. Some are working remotely, some splitting their time between a home office and the bricks-and-mortar business, some are back full time. Teams are disconnected and probably…

          How to Give Effective Feedback
          • December 2, 2020

          How to Give Effective Feedback

          One of the trickiest parts of managing a team is giving honest feedback, in a way that doesn’t come across as too harsh. Here are three ideas on how to give constructive feedback to an employee. First, check your attitude. You must always offer feedback to make someone better. Have a positive intent. When you are giving feedback, and particularly…

          A Weird but Effective Way to Focus
          • October 16, 2020

          A Weird but Effective Way to Focus

          There are a lot of ways to maximize your work environment, and particularly your home office, to enhance your ability to work efficiently. Having a space you can close off from family or housemate interruptions is key. A comfortable chair will save your back, and getting your computer and other equipment in an ergonomic setup will set the environment you…

          “When people get to know each other, they usually start to like each other, and then it becomes easier to get something done together. I encourage colleagues to share personal stories, like where they grew up, their journey, how they got to their current position, and even talking about the ideas and events that have their attention these days. There’s no question that people can get a project done without knowing each other well. But if they take the time to first learn about each other, they will accomplish more, and do it faster. Trust me. You want to be on the side of teamwork.” - Barry Moline

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