A Weird but Effective Way to Focus

There are a lot of ways to maximize your work environment, and particularly your home office, to enhance your ability to work efficiently. Having a space you can close off from family or housemate interruptions is key. A comfortable chair will save your back, and getting your computer and other equipment in an ergonomic setup will set the environment you need to work well.

After creating the nest where you can get the solitude and comfort you need to work uninterrupted — play binaural beats or soundscapes to enhance your focus. Wa? These are background sounds, and having a light soundtrack of music and sound drowns out external noise and keeps you engaged in your work. There’s a brain science reason why it makes sense, but that’s less important. Just do it. It sets an engaging vibe. You can find binaural beats and soundscapes on most music apps, and make sure to avoid the sleepy ones.

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