The Key to Business and Personal Success

Connect! - How to Quickly Collaborate For Success in Business and Life - By: Barry J. Moline

America, we have a problem. We lack civility in our communications, and we’ve lost the habit of working together. Rather than give each other the benefit of the doubt, we leap to conclusions and believe that people are out to get us. It’s happening in business, in politics, and at home. This limits productivity, costs billions of dollars in wasted time, and even threatens our ability to find political solutions to major national problems.

Fortunately, we can fix it.

Connect! shows you how to quickly develop relationships that allow you to work well with others and accomplish important shared goals. You’ll learn to enhance collaboration between colleagues and teams, use networking to meet people quickly (and enjoy it!), onboard new employees effectively, and learn to handle situations when people don’t respond positively. Achieving lasting progress requires that we work together in support of mutual goals. Connect! gives you the tools to build the foundation of your success.

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